Resources & Questions clients frequently ask me

Cat Groomers outside my service area: Groomers dedicated to holistic and/or force-free  methods are hard to find. I administer a holistic cat grooming group on Facebook & may be able to recommend a cat groomer in another state who is a member of the Holistic Cat Groomers Alliance.

Dog Groomers: Wet Whisker specializes in felines, yet I still get requests to groom dogs. Try these businesses which specialize in dogs.

  • Studio Fifty-Fur: Mobile van dog grooming. 630-559-6219  Joan & I went to the same grooming academy.
  • Scrubby Doo Mobile Doggie Spa: Mobile van dog grooming. 847-544-8120
  • Pawfect Styles: Holistic oriented Salon at 728 S Main St
    Lombard, Illinois. (630) 254-5237 Facebook page


What were those treats you gave my cat & where can I find them?

  • Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch, Duck. Available at independent retailers including: 
    • All Things Woof & Meow in Roselle. They also have Yeowww! brand catnip
    • Trellis Farm & Garden- 2 locations in St.Charles. They also carry Yeowww! catnip
    • Natural Pet in Wheaton
    • Healthy Pet in Aurora (also sells Yeowww!)
    • Wet Nose in Oak Brook & Geneva
    • Pet Supplies Plus at some locations
  • Wildside Salmon 
    • Natural Pet, Healthy Pet, & Wet Nose  
  • Sardines- Wild-caught, water-packed, no added salt, from the grocery (e.g. Trader Joe’s). High in Omega-3’s, which are beneficial to fur & skin

What tools did you recommend?

Long-haired Cats:  Follow the instructions I gave for your cat’s fur.

  • Metal Combs: Coarse/Medium (greyhound style), staggered teeth (carding), & fine/super fine- also called face/feet comb  (Pictured) .

Chris Christensen makes the combs I use. See for #006   5″ FACE & FEET FINE/COARSE COMB  $33    


  • Undercoat Rake: Double row of pointed teeth, with or without rotation. Blunt tipped pins will not remove any fur.  Do not overuse.
  • Zoom Groom Curry Brush: A purple colored, soft rubber brush by Kong. Follow with a metal comb. 
  • Other:
  • A small, very soft, cat slicker brush (bent wire bristles)
  • Brush: natural boar hair, brass pin, or wooden pin brush
  • V shaped rake: metal pins & wooden handle. On some cats the V works better than the double row & vice versa. Ask me which works on your cat’s fur at your appointment.

Short-haired Cats: Same, except a single row rake & no wide-toothed combs.

Where can you purchase these tools? Occasionally, I carry fine tooth combs for clients to purchase. The  Groomers Mart  carries some of the items above in inexpensive versions.