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All cat grooming is performed within

the comfort of the cat’s own home

Wet Whisker Cat Grooming is a service that comes to you, with the grooming taking place inside your home. Most cats stress when they leave the safety of their home, so house call grooming is ideal and why I offer this service. I absolutely love cats and want them to have a good experience with grooming. It can be stressful on a cat when their fur is matted or packed and they no longer allow their owner to attend to their needs, therefore I am very gentle when handling and strive to create a positive experience for your cat during grooming.

 The minimum charge to come to your home is $75, with the exception of immediate area claw trims. If your cat cannot be groomed due to health, hiding, or extreme aggressiveness, the minimum charge still applies as that reserved time can no longer be used by another client.  (This charge is included in the groom price, it is not in addition to the groom price)

I typically set up my table in a small bathroom to contain flying fur while blow-drying but can work wherever it is safe, quiet, and comfortable for the cat. Cat parents are welcome & encouraged to observe. I do not need you to assist or hold, but if you are relaxed & your cat would like reassurance petting from you, please feel free. You may not restrain or hold your cat, unless asked, for everyones safety and to allow me to do my job. Children may observe if they follow my rules & it’s acceptable with the cat. Other cats may watch if they are friends, as long as they don’t run off with the catnip or climb on me for a better view (has happened!). All observers must be calm, quiet, & follow my instructions. Cats pick up on their guardians emotional energy, just like human babies. If you are nervous or anxious, you’ll alarm your cat and I may ask you to do mindful meditation. If I’ll be grooming in the bathroom, please remove any fragrance plug-ins or dispensers prior to my arrival, as these can be toxic to cats. 
Smoke free homes only.

Cats must be reasonably healthy, free of contagious diseases, and free of parasites, or you will be charged a hefty fee as I will need to cancel appointments and thoroughly disinfect everything, so as not to endanger other cats.

If your cat has had FPV (feline distemper) I cannot enter your home as this virus remains contagious. Indoor cats only or those that are supervised outside. If your cat has heart or other issues, I must be made aware of them prior to grooming. In some instances, I may ask for a veterinarian’s release to groom. Please do not ask me to groom a sick or dying cat as the added stress may have adverse health effects.

Booking: Returning clients may preset appointments (highly recommended) or schedule their cat’s next appointment via text, email, or phone call. New clients must book their 1st appointment via phone, as I will have questions & information for you. 630-306-5889 


Standard or Maintenance Groom

Non-matted cat, with or without optional bath. Includes claw clip, ear & tear duct cleaning, sanitary trim (on long haired cats to prevent dingle berries), & thorough comb out. Comb out & bath will take care of normal shedding issues. Bathing takes place in the kitchen sink (bath tubs do not work well!) and includes cat safe shampoo, followed by either high-velocity or air drying. No cage drying. Please note: Bathing is never done on highly stressed cats as it could traumatize the cat or even cause a heart attack or stroke. It is up to my professional discretion whether or not to bathe. Though cats look great with freshly bathed fur, not all cats need baths. The cats best interests & health ALWAYS come first with holistic grooming. 

  • Short to Medium: $85
  • Medium plush to Long: $90, for fur in good condition
  • Long plush &  Super Puffs & silky Persians: $100, fur in good condition
  • Cottony or dense Persians & Himalayans: $110
  • Includes those with very long & dense fur breeds such as Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest, Himalayan, Ragdoll, & Siberian. Note: your cat may be of one of these breeds but not a ‘super puff’.
  • Cats with fur that is not in good condition due to matting, packed in dead undercoat, excessive oiliness, debris, etc. will incur an additional charge depending on amount of extra time needed to correct the condition. 

    Molly after

Vet supplied shampoo: No charge unless the prescription shampoo needs to be left on for 5 or more minutes before rinsing. If gloves are needed to apply, it will need to be done by your vet.

Please note that although WW is holistic oriented, essential oils are never used on cats as they can be highly toxic. Effects may be immediate (poisoning) or are cumulative over time. Cat physiology is very different from that of dogs or humans. I investigate the ingredients of all shampoos and products I use, as many include cat toxic ingredients which manufacturers claim are safe. Many dog & people shampoos contain ingredients which can have short or long term cumulative effects on cats. The pet industry is unregulated and self-policed, if you’re wondering how that can be allowed. If you wish to supply your own shampoo, I must know the ingredients in advance (the actual ingredient names, not just the MSDS description). I reserve the right to refuse shampoo you supply due to contents or lack of information.

Add-Ons to standard grooms

  • 1/2 belly shave: $15
  • Full belly shave: $25
  • Remove minor matting/spot shaving: $10-15. Warning: Do not take scissors to your cat. The skin can fold up inside the matt and the unknowing owner will cut the skin. I have seen this way too many times. A small nick can also turn into a large tear. 
  • Power de-shedding: For densely packed coats on cats that can tolerate noise & suction. By pre-arrangement due to specialty equipment: $15+
  • Detangling/De-clumping/Abnormal shedding: Minor removal is included. In most cases it is more humane to shave out extensive tangling & clumped, dead undercoat. 
  • Persian face plucking/shaping: $10-30
  • Bib trim: N/C. Useful for those that walk around with licked bib fur in their mouths.
  • Pad shaving or rounded feet: $10-20 Persians only by request.
  • Soft Paws or Soft Claws: No longer offered.  I am not a fan of these & recommend them only as a last resort. Please try behavioral conditioning first, especially with highly trainable kittens.
  • Never ask for whiskers to be trimmed unless they are curling into the eyes.

Haircuts & Shave Grooms

These include shave downs such as the popular lion clip and comb clips which shorten the fur. As a holistic groomer, I advocate keeping the fur if it is not matted, as the fur provides many benefits to the cat (see Note, below). For those who would like their long haired cat shaved, please consider a comb cut which will leave some fur on the body. Kittens and elderly cats will not be shaved unless matted. Regular combing with the proper tools will keep shedding under control. Bathing & wipe-downs will help those with allergies.

  1. Shaves:

  2. Mature Lion: (1/4 body shave) $120 with moderate matting.  Hips & rump area are shaved, starting below shoulders or where mats start. Significant matting will incur an upcharge.
  3. Lion clip: $135 on cooperative cats with  minor to moderate matting. The standard LC has a shaved body, long mane, to elbow gloves, boots, & tail pom. Variations include full tail, opera gloves, short ruff, 1/2 body shave, & more. Very short, round heads are an additional charge & only done on compliant cats. Kittens & very reactive cats will not be shaved. 
  1. Matted Lion clip: $150 & Up, depending on extent of matting. Yes, being matted is very uncomfortable for your cat.  Very reactive cats may incur an additional charge, if they can be  shaved. 
  2. Pelted Shave: Starts at $175. If severe and will take more than 2 hours to remove, a second, full price session will need to be booked. Cats can only tolerate so much stress, especially if they’re elderly. Pelts are very thick & come off in large sections of felted fur. Pelted or felted fur is matting taken to the extreme. 
  3. Comb Clip or Teddy Bear:
  4. $135+. Coat must be tangle & matt free. Remaining fur can be as short as 1/8″ or as long as 1″. Most popular lengths are 3/8″ (Teddy Bear) in summer and 1/2″ to 5/8″ in winter. Please note that 1/2″ minimum is recommended for cats to be able to thermoregulate. A comb clip is a recommended alternative to a body shave. Plush or dense coats look best in this clip.
    Leo with comb cut


  6. Coloring:  Absolutely not. This is a holistic oriented practice. 

Some cats do not care to have a buzzing clipper on their body & need extra time for me to help them acclimate. If much extra time is needed to work with your cat, an additional charge will apply.

Please note: Cats are homeotherms and have fur for several reasons, including, but not limited to, thermoregulation, protection, & recognition. Therefore, it’s preferable to retain the fur, unless it’s matted. Many cats enjoy having clipped fur and become playful and affectionate, but a percentage do not. If the cat reacts with antisocial behavior (hiding/aggression/depression) for more than a day, it should not be shaved again. If the process of shaving the cat is very stressful for the cat or if the cat is very reactive, the groom may be terminated. I will not use force methods such as muzzles, restraints, leg taping, etc.) to shave your stressed out or extremely reactive cat as this will only reinforce negative behaviors and quite possibly traumatize the cat, making future grooming rather challenging.  Cats should always be treated with respect & affection and their psychology is not the same as a dog or a human.

 Claw Trims Only

$25                                                                                                                      $25 first cat, $10 each additional. ONLY for those in the vicinity of the Bloomingdale Library on Fairfield Way & nearby streets in Bloomingdale. (Claw trimming is included with a standard groom) Claw trim stops have flexible times with up to a 2 hour window of arrival. Stops are in-between appointments or after my last appointment.

$75                                                                                                             Outside this area or need to schedule a specific appointment time? Claw trims are ($75) plus any travel surcharges apply. Time frame will be within a range.

If cat #1 is getting a full groom, claw trims for other cats are $10. 

Fleas, Ringworm, or Contagions 

See your vet first & treat your home.

I do not go into homes with fleas, FPV, or contagious diseases.

You may incur a fee up to $250 if fleas are present.

Cats must be treated with vet approved flea medication and the home must be treated before I can bring my gear into your home. I will not risk bringing fleas into another client’s home or into mine. Once treatment has commenced, I can bathe your cat of any flea dirt, eggs, larvae, or dead fleas. If you do not disclose that you have fleas, ringworm, or other parasites/contagions, you may be charged up to $250+, as I will have to cancel any subsequent appointments and take measures to insure I am not taking parasites or contagions with me from your home.

Note: Please do not use over the counter medications or dog flea products on your cat as you may cause neurological damage or death. This includes collars, drops, powders, & “natural” sprays, especially if combined. Organic, natural, chemical-free, etc., are marketing terms and mean absolutely nothing.


Reactive cats:  Has your cat been banned by other groomers or sedation recommended? Please be candid when I ask questions about your cat’s personality and past grooming history. I have successfully worked with quite a number of cats who have been banned by other groomers for being “too aggressive” or fractious, but it saves time to know your cat’s history. There is no such thing as an aggressive domestic cat. However, there are cats who will react aggressively when frightened. The key is to reduce the fear, not compound it with force methods. These cats need to be acclimated (or re-acclimated) to grooming and it may take them several visits to become comfortable. This group includes those cats who have been injured or traumatized by prior handlers. If substantial additional time is needed to work with your reactive cat, there will be an additional charge for time. Some cats may benefit from an anti-anxiety medication or Gabapentin. Talk to your vet. CBD oil in a salmon or cat safe carrier oil may help. Please purchase CBD oils from a reputable source and do not purchase any with tinctures, as you may kill your cat. Tranquilizers such as Acepromazine (ACE) should never be used and I will not work on cats drugged with ACE.

Territorial: A very small percentage of cats will not do well with in home grooming. If your cat challenges visitors to your home, your cat may not be a good candidate for in home grooming. Major events or changes within the family may also stress out some cats and make them overly reactive.

 De-skunking: I never have same day availability  due to usually being booked out and as de-skunking needs to be addressed right away, I cannot help you. Here is Dr.Karen Becker’s de-skunk shampoo recipe: In a pail mix: 1 quart hydrogen peroxide (the 3 percent hydrogen peroxide variety), 1⁄4 cup baking soda, 2 teaspoons dishwashing liquid. Don’t wet down your pet. Apply the mixture to your pet’s dry coat from the collar back toward the tail. Don’t pour it near the eyes because the hydrogen peroxide solution can burn them. 

Availability: Spring shedding season is typically very busy & wait times for an appointment could be 2-6 weeks.  It’s best for your cat to be on a regular, pre-scheduled maintenance schedule to ensure your choice of grooming dates and times.

Cancellations: Last minute cancellations will incur a minimum $75 charge per cat as this reserved time cannot be used by anyone else who needed it. If you are a 1st time client and cancel with short notice, no future appointments will be made with you and you will be billed the minimum charge. To be considered for a future appointment, you will need to pay for the missed appointment & prepay for the future appointment. This is extremely disrespectful, in any industry. 

Other Booking Sites: Appointments can only be made through Wet Whisker. There are other concierge sites popping up that claim to book for Wet Whisker, such as My Time, but Wet Whisker has absolutely nothing to do with these sites.

Cat Sitting

$25 per visit for the area bounded by Edgewater Dr., Glen Ellyn Rd., Lake St, & Bloomingdale Rd. (including Founders Point).